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Vinnytsia Won an EU Grant of 30,000 Euros to Create a Strategy for Cultural Development

14 January 2022, 11:27

Vinnytsia was one of the three leaders of the competition within the EU4Culture project implemented by the Goethe-Institut and received 30,000 euros for the creation of the Community Culture Development Strategy. Work is ahead on the formation of the main document for the cultural sphere of Vinnytsia, which is planned to be presented in the spring of 2022. On November 11, representatives of Vinnytsia community took part in the award ceremony of the winning cities in Kyiv.

Mayor Serhii Morhunov congratulated on his Facebook page all those interested in the cultural life of Vinnytsia, as such an achievement in the grant competition will help create an important strategic document for the community.

"Vinnytsia has ten years of experience in strategic planning. And participation in the EU4Culture project will open additional opportunities for quality preparation of a new document – the Strategy for Cultural Development. In our vision, Vinnytsia 3.0 is a vibrant city, where life is booming and various activities are taking place. We claim the status of the cultural capital of Central Ukraine, and you need to have clear priorities to achieve that goal. Writing a strategy is not for ticks - it's a painstaking process, and it is important that more than 90% of Vinnytsia residents are ready to join this, according to a survey conducted for the City Day. For me, this is an indicator of the maturity of our community," says Serhii Morhunov.

The EU4Culture grant program for non-capital cities was announced by the Goethe-Institut in late May this year. It provides grants for local governments and NGOs to develop community cultural strategies. The Department of Culture of Vinnytsia City Council submitted a corresponding application for participation.

The project consists of three stages. Initially, applications from 25 communities were considered. The competition commission selected five of them, including Vinnytsia, to participate in the second stage. These participants were allocated one thousand of euros each in grant funds to generate information for writing Strategies.

"At this stage, the Center for Strategic Development of Territories of Melitopol, a member of the ESOMAR European Association of Public Opinion and Marketing Researchers, the Department of Art Management and Event Technologies of the National Academy of Management of Culture and Arts of Kyiv, are involved in developing the strategy," says Director of the Department of Culture of the City Council Maksym Filanchuk. "We conducted a SWOT analysis of the current state of culture in our community, surveyed about 400 respondents on the City Day on satisfaction with cultural services to see the real need for cultural transformation of our community."

According to Oleksii Tsyhankov, First Deputy Director of the Department of Culture of the City Council, the analysis highlighted the convenient geographical location, European direction of the territorial community, interculturalism, competitive cultural product, interest of community residents in their potential involvement in the development of the Strategy. as well as the availability of cultural and artistic educational practices for different social age groups.

Based on the submitted information, the competition commission selected three winners: Vinnytsia, Rivne, Poltava. These local communities got into the third round, they received 30 thousand euros each for writing the strategy.

"Our next step is to write a Culture Development Strategy. It is important that not budget funds will be allocated for this purpose, but grants. Experts, stakeholders and, of course, the public will be involved in the process of creating this important document. We plan to present the Culture Development Strategy next year. Vinnytsia will be one of the first territorial communities to have such a document," said Deputy Mayor Halyna Yakubovych.

At the final stage of the competition, the three leaders must submit drafts of their Strategies. The winning community will receive 300,000 euros to implement the document.


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