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Vinnytsia Is the First City in Ukraine to Establish the Red Bench as a Symbol of Combating Domestic Violence

14 January 2022, 11:32

On December 10, a Red Bench was installed on Kosmonavtiv Avenue in Vinnytsia. The aim of the initiative is to draw public attention to the problem of domestic violence. A plaque with local and national anti-violence contacts was attached to the bench. Volunteers also called for "No to Violence!" in ten languages of the world.

The Red Bench is an initiative to prevent domestic violence. The idea was born in Italy in 2014. It involves the installation or painting of benches in bright red and the affixing of contact plates to specialized support services for victims of domestic violence.

Red benches are in almost all cities in Italy, Latin America and Australia. The idea to set up such a bench in Vinnytsia belongs to Matteo Redaelli, an Italian volunteer of the Pangea Ultima Development Center, who has lived in Vinnytsia for more than six months. Vinnytsia City Council willingly supported such an initiative.

"The Red Bench provides moral support to people who have suffered from domestic violence and raises the awareness of everyone who passes by. I know that Ukraine has a law on the establishment of shelters for women victims of domestic violence. Vinnytsia did not delay and was one of the first to implement the law. And this once again demonstrated how progressive and European the city is. The Red Bench in Vinnytsia will be another tool to protect women from domestic violence," said Matteo Redaelli, an Italian volunteer with the Pangea Ultima Development Center.

Representatives of the Department of Social Policy of Vinnytsia City Council, social services, foreign volunteers, law enforcement officers and concerned Vinnytsia residents gathered at the opening of the Red Bench.

"Implementation of such an initiative in our city will draw the attention of the population to the problem of domestic violence and unite the victims. Vinnytsia residents need to know where to turn in case of violence, who will support and help them," said Nataliia Dobrovolska, director of Vinnytsia City Center for Social Services.

Nataliia Dobrovolska also added that a Day Center for Social and Psychological Assistance and a mobile team for social and psychological assistance have been set up in Vinnytsia for people who have suffered from domestic or gender-based violence. The day center is located at: Vinnytsia, 30, Kosmonavtiv Avenue, office 303-304. Phones: 098-900-15-60; 093-900-15-60.


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