The Unique Postage Stamp "Kielce - Vinnytsia" Was Defaced in Vinnytsia

11 November 2022, 14:14

A presentation of a unique postage stamp entitled "Two Cities - One Heart. Kielce - Vinnytsia" took place in Vinnytsia. Symbolically, the solemn special defacing procedure took place on November 11, when friendly Poland celebrates Independence Day. Vinnytsia Mayor Serhii Morhunov and Director of Vinnytsia Directorate of JSC Ukrposhta Volodymyr Shalovinskyi took part in the solemn ceremony.

This stamp was the first in a series of postage stamps, envelopes and postcards called "Sister Cities". They are planned to be issued in Vinnytsia as a sign of gratitude to the cities, which since the beginning of the full-scale war of Russia against Ukraine, have constantly supported Ukrainians and, in particular, residents of Vinnytsia. The stamp shows a friendly handshake painted in the colors of the state flags of Ukraine and Poland inside a big heart beating in unison among friendly peoples. The author of the sketch is designer Andrii Yanchenko.

The idea of creating the "Sister Cities" series belongs to Vinnytsia Mayor Serhii Morhunov. The implementation was carried out by the municipal enterprises Vinnytsia Tourism Office and the Institute of Urban Development in partnership with Ukrposhta. The first of the stamps is dedicated to the Polish city of Kielce, Vinnytsia's oldest twin - in 2023, the partnership and twinning relationship between the cities will be 65 years old.

"Two cities - one heart"

Presentation of the thematic stamp "Two cities - one heart. Kielce - Vinnytsia" took place in the Museum of Ukrainian stamps named after Yakov Balaban with the participation of city council representatives, Vinnytsia collectors and museum workers, as well as the media. Vinnytsia Mayor Serhii Morhunov and Director of Vinnytsia Directorate of JSC Ukrposhta Volodymyr Shalovinskyi took part in the solemn stamp defacing ceremony with an envelope.

"I want to congratulate all our Polish friends on Independence Day! For more than eight months now, Ukraine has been fighting against an aggressor that Europe has not seen since the Second World War. And this war of Russia against our people clearly showed who is a friend and who is an enemy, who is a brother and who is a murderer," Vinnytsia Mayor Serhii Morhunov noted. "I remember on February 24, when the leaders of the twin cities of Kielce and Panevėžys called me with two questions: "How are you doing? How can we help you?" It is worth a lot. I will never forget it. And it is important that Vinnytsia residents do not forget. Because without the support of the democratic world, and, first of all, our closest neighbors, who not only help with words, but actually help - we would not have managed to be in a winning position today. Thank you on behalf of the territorial community of Vinnytsia for the colossal support provided by the Polish people and the Polish government! I believe that only together we will be able to defeat this threat to the entire civilized world."

Overlay of the postal block "Two cities - one heart. Kielce - Vinnytsia" is only 20 copies, so this stamp has been a collector's rarity since its release. Most of them will be received by museum institutions and Polish partners. And a copy of the marked envelope will go directly from the ceremony to Kielce together with a postcard on which the artistic appliqué of pupils of municipal kindergarten No. 34 in Kielce is reproduced. This and other children's works, which are currently stored in Vinnytsia Museum, arrived to us at the end of April 2022 together with another batch of humanitarian aid, which was organized in the Polish sister city.

How Kielce helps Vinnytsia

Since 2014, the city of Kielce has supported the people of Vinnytsia who defended the independence of Ukraine in the East and immigrants from Donetsk region, Luhansk region and Crimea. Since the beginning of the Russian aggression, the Polish sister city has transferred more than 160 tons of humanitarian aid to Vinnytsia. These are medical devices, dressings, medicines, food, beds, mattresses, sleeping bags, power banks, batteries and much more. Four high-class DJI Mavic 3 quadcopters were also delivered to Vinnytsia.

In the period from May to mid-August in Kielce, four shifts were organized in recreation camps for about 200 Ukrainian children, thanks to which they were able to rest from the reality of war. Refugees from Ukraine, who are permanently staying in Kielce, are also given care and support.

On August 30, 2022, a ceremonial free transfer of two Solaris Urbino 12 city buses to the city of Vinnytsia took place. The buses came to us thanks to the efforts of Kielce City Hall and the local transport company MPK, which is just celebrating its 15th anniversary. Barlinek Company also helped.


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