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The Transport Company Told Which Trams Vinnytsia Will Receive from Zurich

14 January 2022, 11:25

In November, consultants from Switzerland came to Vinnytsia to continue the Zurich Trams for Vinnytsia project. Therefore, they plan to deliver newer cars than those offered from the beginning. They also discussed how to convert the workshop into a depot to service trams, how to train Vinnytsia specialists to work with the new rolling stock.

A delegation of representatives of the Swiss company, which is a consultant for the continuation of the Zurich Trams for Vinnytsia project, visited Vinnytsia City Territorial Community. During the official visit, they visited the City Council and met with representatives of the municipality. The results of the cooperation and the next second phase of the project on the transfer of 35 tram cars by Switzerland to Vinnytsia were discussed.

Also during the visit, the guests visited Vinnytsia Transport Company: visited the depot, talked to employees, discussed technical issues of the project. In addition, they got acquainted with the work of the Situation Center, parking department, Municipal Enterprise Vinnytsiakartservis.

"Consultants who came to continue the Zurich Trams for Vinnytsia project are very pleased with the condition of the cars that were handed over to us earlier. They visited the workshops where these cars are serviced and repaired," says Mykhailo Lutsenko, General Director of Vinnytsia Transport Company. "We discussed what needs to be done in order to be able to accept, service and operate the following cars in the future: to re-equip workshops and workplaces. The consultants inspected the site where the trams will be unloaded."

Mykhailo Lutsenko also said that the consultants had decided which tram cars would be delivered to Vinnytsia. "The main thing is that we discussed which trams will be delivered to us, because there are several options for cars: the first and second series of production. Initially, we were offered trams of the first series – 1980 model year, and there are trams newer for 8-9 years. We agreed to take them. These are trams of the second series, there are 45 of them. The first batch, as agreed, will be up to 35 cars," said the General Director of Vinnytsia Transport Company.

According to Mykhailo Lutsenko, the Swiss consultants will pass all the information received in Vinnytsia to the SECO to the technical council, which will later make the final decision on the transfer of trams.


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