The Latvian Partner City of Ventspils Handed Over 2 Generators to Vinnytsia - Serhii Morhunov

09 December 2022, 21:00

Today, December 9, a humanitarian cargo from the Latvian partner city of Ventspils arrived in Vinnytsia. The mayor thanked the community of Ventspils for the support of Vinnytsia and the assistance provided. The resulting generators will be useful in the event of power outages to ensure the stable operation of critical infrastructure.

After large-scale missile attacks by the russian federation on power system facilities, the need for power generators for critical infrastructure increased. The community allocated additional funds for the purchase of equipment, and also appealed for support to European partner cities, in particular to the Latvian city of Ventspils. The Ventspils municipality responded to the request and approved the transfer of 2 diesel generators with a capacity of 50 kW and 60 kW and fuel tanks for the needs of our city.

The delivery of the cargo was organized by the Latvian charitable organization "", which also handed over 26 pallets with hygiene products.

"Only a few months have passed since the signing of the Friendship Agreement between Ventspils and Vinnytsia, but we already clearly understand that our relations did not remain on paper. We immediately established a dialogue with my colleague Jānis Vītoliņš and the city team of Ventspils and appreciate the opportunity to develop the partnership further," Serhii Morhunov said.

The mayor thanked Ventspils and the Latvian people for the support of Ukraine, which our community has felt since the first days of the full-scale invasion. In particular, more than one cargo arrived for the community as part of the work of the Interregional Coordination Humanitarian Headquarters.

"Latvians also help us in overcoming the consequences of russian shelling of energy facilities. Ventspils is with us in this fight. This is very important to us, friends!" said Serhii Morhunov.

Vitalii Misetskyi, director of the municipal services department, added: "This assistance is currently very important, because in the event of power outages, and in the event of a more critical situation, these powerful generators will be able to provide power to critical infrastructure enterprises."

It is worth noting that on September 14, Vinnytsia and Ventspils signed a friendship agreement, which provides for potential cooperation in the fields of culture, education, ecology, renewable energy, civil defense, business development, particularly in the field of information technology.


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