The German City of Karlsruhe Will Provide Vinnytsia with Generators and Tents for Heating - Serhii Morhunov

25 October 2022, 16:15

Vinnytsia's future sister city, the German city of Karlsruhe, plans to provide Vinnytsia with 10 kW generators and heating tents. Vinnytsia Mayor Serhii Morhunov announced this in his Telegram channel. He added that the agreement was discussed with the mayor of the city, Frank Mentrup, as part of the German-Ukrainian conference "Partnerships for Reconstruction and Development", which took place in mid-October in the city of Augsburg.

"Such assistance will allow additional municipal heating points to be deployed in Vinnytsia in winter, in the event of an emergency that may arise due to russia's attacks on infrastructure facilities," Serhii Morhunov notes.

It should be noted that a network of municipal heating points and food preparation points continues to be installed in Vinnytsia. They are created in city libraries, youth clubs and schools so that children and the elderly have the opportunity to warm up in the event of interruptions in heat or electricity supply.

As reported in the municipality of Karlsruhe, the city is ready to meet the request for double-layer tents and diesel generators together with other partner cities of Vinnytsia.

"This assistance can be quite tangible and could be distributed according to needs throughout the city," the German municipality said.

The community has already announced an action in support of Vinnytsia and a collection for appropriate equipment under the slogan "Karlsruhe helps".

In addition, according to the mayor of Vinnytsia, during the two-hour conversation, the representatives of both cities discussed other areas of cooperation. In particular, student exchanges, specialist internships, the study of successful municipal practices, particularly in urban planning and spatial development, as well as the organization of performances by our creative teams in the future sister city. In fact, they also agreed on the text of the Twinning Agreement, which is planned to be signed in the spring of next year.

Communication between the two cities began at the initiative of representatives of the municipality of the German city of Karlsruhe, who expressed a desire to establish sisterly ties with Vinnytsia City Territorial Community. And on September 30, at the session of Vinnytsia City Council, a decision was made to develop international cooperation with the city of Karlsruhe.


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