The Ambassadors of the Countries of the European Union and Israel and Switzerland Visited Vinnytsia after the Rocket Attack

19 July 2022, 10:19

On July 18, a foreign delegation visited Vinnytsia. The ambassadors of 16 countries of the European Union and Israel and Switzerland came to the city to see with their own eyes the consequences of the terrible terrorist attack that happened on July 14. Then three russian missiles of the Caliber type hit the center of Vinnytsia. Two hundred people were injured, 24 people died. Representatives of foreign countries met with leaders of the city and region, discussed ways to eliminate the consequences of the destruction after the terrorist act of the russian aggressor. The delegation also visited the scene of the tragedy and honored the memory of the victims of the russian missile attack.

On July 14, a terrible war crime took place in Vinnytsia - russian troops struck with cruise missiles, three of which destroyed civilian buildings. As a result of the shelling, civilians were killed and injured.

On July 18, a foreign delegation arrived in Vinnytsia. Ambassadors and diplomatic representatives of the countries of the European Union and Israel met with the leaders of the city and region and discussed further actions to eliminate the consequences of the destruction after the rocket attack.

Vinnytsia Mayor Serhii Morhunov addressed the representatives of foreign countries and talked about the consequences of the terrorist attack.

"Today's meeting is a demonstration of the example that the entire democratic community supports Ukraine, and in particular the city of Vinnytsia, in the war with the russian aggressor. July 14, 2022 is a tragic day. I want to tell you about the place where the terrorist attack took place. Peremohy Square is one of the central squares of Vinnytsia's Left Bank. There is a public transport interchange here. Nearby is one of the main shopping streets of the city of Vinnytsia - Kotsiubynskoho Street. The railway station is 1,800 meters from this square. The Central Market is 800 meters away. The maternity hospital is literally 100 meters away. A little lower Pedagogical University is located. Behind the cultural center, which someone calls a "military facility", there is a large shopping center 200 or even 100 meters away. Opposite is a sewing factory. Therefore, there are no military facilities nearby within a radius of 2 kilometers at all," Serhii Morhunov explains.

The leader of Vinnytsia adds that 3 rockets hit the city that day.

"To date, 8 objects of the social structure, 2 kindergartens, an elementary school, a polyclinic, a maternity hospital have been damaged. This strike also caused great trouble for high-rise residential buildings, and there are 85 of them. A study was made of 855 apartments where replacement of windows is required. Roofs need to be replaced on five houses. And for example, the cultural center and the Neuromed clinic were completely destroyed," says Mayor Serhii Morhunov.

The leader of the Vinnytsia community notes that as a result of the terrorist attack, 24 people died at the hands of the rascists, three of them are children.

"203 people turned to hospitals, 61 people are directly receiving inpatient treatment in our city hospitals. 4 people were sent to the burn center in Lviv with fairly severe burns. From the first minutes of this tragedy, the doctors of all city and regional hospitals of Vinnytsia were at their workplaces. Those doctors and nurses who were on vacation, who had a day off, also came. Everyone was at their workplace. Unfortunately, three people died in our hospital on the first day. And on Saturday, another woman died from severe injuries. I would like to emphasize that three children died as a result of this terrorist attack. I think you heard about the girl Liza from the media. Seven-year-old boy Maxym was burned alive with his mother in the Neuromed hospital itself. And in the parking lot, an 8-year-old boy Kyrylo was burned alive in a car. We unequivocally assess this as a terrorist act against the civilian population of Ukraine and Vinnytsia. All residents of Vinnytsia are convinced that those responsible for this tragedy must be punished. Undoubtedly, the entire world community must condemn this terrorist war of the russians against Ukraine," says Serhii Morhunov.

During the meeting, the Head of Vinnytsia Regional Military Administration Serhii Borzov thanked the governments of the countries for their firm and consistent support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, as well as for the assistance and support provided to thousands of Ukrainian refugees.

"I also thank you for the prompt response to this terrible war crime that took place on July 14. The Regional Military Administration pays special attention to the treatment of the wounded. With the involvement of the regional reserve, the needs of medical institutions are fully provided for, emergency repairs of buildings are underway. However, in case of recurrence of such situations, we must constantly fill reserve warehouses. Therefore, the help of international institutions is necessary, and we are ready to provide all information and support for its prompt transmission to the victims. Once again, I want to express my gratitude for your support in this difficult time and assure you that we are ready for further cooperation," says Serhii Borzov.

Viacheslav Sokolovyi, Head of Vinnytsia Regional Council, also addressed those present during the meeting.

"Thank you for being here in such a difficult time for the country and, especially today, for the city of Vinnytsia. I would like to thank the residents of the entire region and the community for the support from your governments, your citizens, and donor organizations, who are constantly in touch and supporting in various ways during this period. The humanitarian aid that comes to Vinnytsia and Vinnytsia region remains for the needs of the population - especially internally displaced persons, and is also directed through the Humanitarian Headquarters to the regions that need it and are in the war zone. We work together on all challenges, but with your help it is much easier. I wish all of us success and a quick victory over the enemy," says Viacheslav Sokolovyi.

During the meeting, French Ambassador Etienne de Ponsin, who visited Vinnytsia earlier, expressed his support for Vinnytsia.

"As soon as my colleagues and I heard about what happened in Vinnytsia, we realized that there was a need to come and see the situation with our own eyes on the square where it happened. Express sympathy, reassure on our help, hear your needs for help. It is clear that such a terrorist attack has no justification. This is an absolutely terrorist attack against the civilian population who lived a normal, ordinary life. Unfortunately, we understand that such an event can happen anywhere in Ukraine. We wanted to come and express our words of support and sympathy to the people of Vinnytsia," said French Ambassador Etienne de Ponsin.

Swiss Ambassador Claude Wild, who supported Vinnytsia from the first days of the russian attack, also arrived, and with his support the city received help from the Swiss Humanitarian Mission.

"We will never accept it, we did not accept it yesterday or today and it will not be accepted tomorrow. I would like to thank the leaders of the city and region for your immediate reaction to the events that took place. Because, without the appropriate response of the relevant services, this number of victims that are there would be much higher. For now, we have to do everything we can to help you rebuild. I know that these works have already started and I think that you will provide the relevant information and we will be able to speed up what is already happening," says Ambassador of Switzerland Claude Wild.

Ambassador of Belgium Peter van de Velde emphasizes that the member states of the European Union should do all they can to help Ukraine defeat the enemy and achieve victory.

"I want to emphasize that I am extremely sorry that my first visit outside Kyiv took place in your city due to such difficult circumstances. I want to express my hope that with the help and support of the international community, and in particular the help of the European Union, we will be able to help Ukraine to end this brutal and aggressive russian aggression against Ukraine. And then together we will be able to return to the future, in which such cases will not happen again," says Ambassador of Belgium Peter van de Velde.

During the meeting, the Ambassador of Croatia Anica Djamić, and the Ambassador of Slovenia Tomaž Mencin, also spoke. They unanimously claim that those responsible for this terrorist act must be punished.

"Slovenia is extremely shocked by the news from Vinnytsia. I agree with all those words that have been said by my colleagues. Any war crime committed in Ukraine must be punished. Both those responsible and those who committed them must be brought to justice. Slovenia will provide support to Ukraine in everything that Ukraine will need, and we all speak out against this terrible unjustified aggression," says Slovenian Ambassador Tomaž Mencin.

"Since I come from Croatia, this is already the second war in my life. We went through all of this 30 years ago, so to see it again is extremely emotional. Croatia will provide assistance in the reconstruction of the city of Vinnytsia and the region," said Ambassador of Croatia Anica Djamić.

After the meeting, the Ambassadors of the countries of the European Union and Israel visited the place where the terrorist attack took place, in order to see with their own eyes the atrocities of russia against Ukrainians.

"The officers' house from 1940, there are also buildings from 1953, 1956, as well as buildings that survived two world wars, but did not survive the russian attack. I want to say that the "Officer's House" was also destroyed during the Second World War, but it was rebuilt. Now this building is destroyed again and we will restore it. Peremohy Square will remain as it is, but it will be Ukraine's Victory over russia," says Vinnytsia head Serhii Morhunov.

The authorities of Vinnytsia appealed to representatives of foreign countries for help in restoring the symbol of fortitude of Vinnytsia - the "Officers' House" club.

During the inspection of the scene of the tragedy, the chief of pyrotechnic works of the emergency and rescue unit of the State Emergency Service, colonel of the civil defense service, Serhii Haidysh, explained to the delegation which deadly rockets of the enemy hit the center of Vinnytsia and showed its remains. "Preliminarily, it was established that the missile attack was carried out by three missiles of the Caliber type. Its initial weight is 1770 kg. Flight speed is from 180 to 240 km/s. The weight of the warhead of the missile is 450 kg. It is this Caliber type missile that is intended for particularly important military purposes, ammunition depots and fuel and fuel storage bases," says Serhii Haidysh.

Ambassador of Israel Michael Brodsky noted that the Israelis are in solidarity with the Ukrainians, because they well understand the horrors that the people of Ukraine are going through.

"My first visit to Vinnytsia took place in January of this year - just one month before the start of a full-scale war. Then we discussed the situation - everyone was very worried, but at that time no one could even imagine that the missiles would actually hit the big cities of Ukraine: Vinnytsia, Kyiv... I am extremely unpleasant that the second visit to Vinnytsia is taking place under such extremely difficult conditions. In Israel, we understand very well what the people of Ukraine are going through, because our people, our citizens, our children are also suffering a lot due to rocket attacks. I am convinced that Ukrainians now understand Israelis much better. We want to once again express our words of support as a sign of solidarity, and I am confident that we will be able to do everything to rebuild Ukraine and your city," said Ambassador of Israel Michael Brodsky.


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