Serhii Morhunov: "Thanks to the Help of the City of Karlsruhe, Additional Mobile 'Invincibility Points' Began to be Deployed in Vinnytsia"

28 November 2022, 11:57

On November 26, additional mobile "Invincibility Points" began to be deployed in Vinnytsia. Everything necessary for their arrangement was given by the German sister city of Karlsruhe. Mayor Serhii Morhunov visited one of the locations where heating points are being installed.

As part of the agreements with the German sister city of Karlsruhe, which were reached at the meeting of the mayors of Vinnytsia and Karlsruhe, our city received 10 sets of tents. Thanks to them, additional heating points will be deployed in Vinnytsia. These kits include: fan heaters, water heaters, stoves, fire extinguishers, hoods, generators, gasoline canisters, generator oil, lighting, electrical equipment, and other furnishing materials.

"In mobile 'Invincibility Points', as in stationary ones, people will be able to charge their phones, warm up, drink hot tea," says Serhii Morhunov.

The mayor also noted that they are currently determining the places where mobile "Invincibility Points" will be set up. According to the head of the city, they will be installed depending on the location of the existing stationary "Invincibility Points" to make it convenient for people in terms of logistics.

"At the same time, work will be carried out on the arrangement of stationary "Invincibility Points" in schools, libraries, and youth clubs. Also, many owners of multi-apartment buildings continue to create appropriate points in the basements of their buildings," says Serhii Morhunov.

The mayor also noted that the support of foreign partners brings all Ukrainians closer to victory and will help overcome all the consequences of attacks on the civil infrastructure of Ukraine.

"We thank you for your support. We feel that we are not alone in this struggle and together we will be able to overcome all the challenges associated with the threat of destruction of civil infrastructure by rascist terrorists."


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