Serhii Morhunov Thanked the Maxar Aerospace Company for Their Help in the Fight against russia

04 January 2023, 11:08 (Edited 05 January 2023, 09:25)

Vinnytsia Mayor Serhii Morhunov, on behalf of the people of Vinnytsia, thanked the team of the aerospace company Maxar, thanks to whose satellite images the world will learn more about the russian-Ukrainian war. The company's team received a painting depicting Vinnytsia and a symbolic acknowledgement.

The mayor noted that the aerospace company now knows more about Vinnytsia and our resilience.

He reminded that it all started with a charity online concert-lottery for the needs of the Armed Forces, which was organized by the City Palace of Arts. Then the mayor joined the campaign and provided a painting dedicated to Vinnytsia for one of the lots. It was won by our compatriot Viktor Sokurov, who now lives in the USA and works at the Maxar company.

"Viktor, together with his colleagues, became an active participant in other volunteer initiatives. And we could not help but mark their contribution to helping our defenders with symbolic thanks. At the end of last year, at the meeting of the Maxar company, Viktor gave thanks from the people of Vinnytsia and an exclusive picture to the senior vice president Chris Johnson," Serhii Morhunov noted on his Facebook page.

The painting by artist Oleksandr Shynin depicts iconic buildings of Vinnytsia, including the Officers' House. Viktor drew the attention of his colleagues to the architectural monument and told about the July 14 tragedy, which will always hurt every Vinnytsia resident.

"The crimes of russia must be punished. And our struggle for freedom and independence will continue until victory. The entire democratic world is with us, and it is important for us that the incredible Maxar team is among those who support Ukraine. Together to Victory!" wrote the mayor.


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