Serhii Morhunov in Lugano at the Ukraine Recovery Conference URC 2022: "We Are All Talking About One Thing Today - How Our State Should Be Rebuilt After the War"

05 July 2022, 09:01

On July 4-5, 2022, Switzerland together with Ukraine hosts the International Ukraine Recovery Conference (URC 2022) in Lugano. Given russia's full-scale war against Ukraine, this year's meeting participants will focus on recovery issues, which will include the necessary reforms. Vinnytsia Mayor Serhii Morhunov spoke about the large-scale working meeting with international partners on his Facebook and Telegram pages.

During the conference, the meeting participants plan to discuss priority issues of the international level, including: the plan for the recovery and development of Ukraine and various ways of the contribution of international partners to the recovery of Ukraine; also methods, priorities and principles of recovery; social, economic, environmental and infrastructural recovery from damage and loss caused by war. In addition, issues of reforms that are possible and necessary to implement in the current situation will be discussed.

"We are all talking about one thing today: how our state should be rebuilt after the war, in what direction it should be transformed, what priority reforms are needed so that Ukraine quickly rises from its knees and acquires the strength of a European state," said Serhii Morhunov. "We are talking about what, in the end, our future Ukrainian European cities should be. And the most important thing is how to implement all these plans and achieve the desired vision."

Representatives of all European countries, Great Britain, the United States of America and other countries of the world came to the international conference in Lugano. The organizers of the conference expect that URC 2022 will complement the initiatives in support of Ukraine that have already been launched or announced, and will bring together friends of Ukraine who support it in its most difficult times.

"To visualize the scale of this intercontinental commonwealth, the organizers placed the flags of all the countries from which official delegations are present at the conference. It is nice to see our Flag here too - in the circle of developed, civilized and progressive states, and this way is desirable for Ukraine! That's why we fight on. We are fighting for the right to be free and to belong to the civilized European community," Serhii Morhunov added.


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