Published 04 January 2021, 11:30 (Edited 04 January 2021, 17:08)

In recent months, the executive bodies of the Vinnytsia City Council together with entrepreneurs, scientists, and active citizens have been discussing the development of the united community for the next ten years.

As a result of the analysis and discussions, a draft Strategy for the Development of the Vinnytsia City Territorial Community until 2030 was developed (Strategy 3.0).

So now, on December 2, 2020, we invite you to the presentation of the project "Strategy 3.0" of the Vinnytsia City United Territorial Community. During the event, we will explain the background, logic and structure of the document, as well as talk more about the feedback template through which you can provide your suggestions and comments on the document.

The presentation will take place online at Zoom, December 2, from 11:00 to 12:00. Also, the presentation will be broadcast live on the Institute of Urban Development page.

To participate you need to get a link to the Zoom-room, so please register -

If you do not have the opportunity to take part in the event-presentation, we suggest you read the draft Strategy and maps to it -, share your own views on the development of the territory and fill out the feedback form - https: // Then, send to the e-mail address -

You can read more about the development of the draft Strategy here -

Join! Thank you sincerely for your contribution to the development of the Vinnytsia City United Territorial Community!