International Charity Humanity & Inclusion Plans to Help Vinnytsia Residents and Displaced Persons

12 October 2022, 09:48

On September 20, the Deputy Mayor Halyna Yakubovych met with representatives of the international charity organization Humanity & Inclusion (HI). It was about the help that this organization can provide for residents of Vinnytsia and internally displaced persons (especially from territories where active hostilities are taking place), who are persons with disabilities and need psychological help and rehabilitation. They discussed also the provision of psychological assistance.

More than a dozen international organizations joined in helping the displaced people who stayed in the Vinnytsia community. The international charity Humanity & Inclusion (HI) offered its help. They focus their activities on people with disabilities and the most vulnerable population groups to help them meet basic needs, improve living conditions and promote respect for their dignity and fundamental rights.

Deputy Mayor Halyna Yakubovych told the HI representatives about how many displaced people currently live in Vinnytsia and about their needs. Halyna Yakubovych noted that Vinnytsia has seven communal centers for the resettlement of IDPs - these are dormitories of vocational and technical education institutions, where more than 1,200 people live. She also mentioned the number of people who live in other centers - non-communal forms of ownership.

"We are trying to cooperate with public organizations and international donors who help to create more comfortable living conditions for displaced people. We thank everyone who offers their help," says Halyna Yakubovych.

Project manager for mental and physical health Yuliia Olefirenko noted that she and her colleagues are currently conducting a needs assessment. Then there will be planning and implementation of specific assistance.

"In fact, it is amazing how well Vinnytsia authorities are aware of the situation and how the entire territorial community together, from the first day of the war, is trying to help people, remembering their needs, safety and human dignity, doing everything to provide comprehensive support. For our part, we also want to help and support people," says Yuliia Olefirenko.

The Humanity & Inclusion organization provides assistance to people in various directions. "My department deals with physical functional support and mental and psychosocial help. As for the psychological direction, it can be individual consultations, group activities with different groups of people: children, older people, people with disabilities, displaced persons. As for physical functional support, it can be individual consultations, trainings and educational sessions," said Yuliia Olefirenko.

In the near future, representatives of the charitable organization plan to talk with the employees of the Territorial Center, the Center for Social Services, the Departments of Social Policy and Health Care.


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