Four Vinnytsia Schools Received the Prestigious International Award in The Field of Climate Education

14 January 2022, 11:24

Gymnasium №6, school №33, lyceums №7 and №17 received the prestigious international award Climate Action Project School of Excellence. They are among the top 250 best schools in the world. Mayor Serhii Morhunov congratulated Vinnytsia schoolchildren and teachers on this achievement on his Facebook page.

250 schools from around the world received the Climate Action Project School of Excellence award. The winners were announced on November 4 at the Climate Action Day, an international online conference on climate change, an annual online event attended by 250,000 people.

Speakers at the event included Prince William of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, President James Alix Michel (Seychelles), Rick Davis (NASA), and Matt Larsen-Doe (WWF), and UN representatives on the environment and other world leaders, climatologists and activists.

Among the 24 student teams invited to this event was a team from Ukraine, namely Vinnytsia School-Gymnasium № 6. They presented their ideas to the world in video format. "I am impressed that our children are not just thinking about global challenges, but also showing by their own example what everyone can do. A green and environmentally friendly city is one of the priorities of our Strategy 3.0. Together with motivated youth we will be able to do much more," the mayor Serhii Morhunov said.

Prestigious awards were given to institutions based on the results of their work in the field of climate education and student decisions on environmental issues. Who would receive the award was determined by representatives of the Cartoon Network Climate Champions and the global education project Climate Action.

Students from Vinnytsia schools attended online meetings with peers from the United Arab Emirates, Portugal, India, Turkey, Argentina, Pakistan and other countries. They exchanged views on solving environmental problems related to climate change.

Participants of the Climate Action Project had the opportunity to attend the LEGO Build the Change webinar, and also join the international race for eco-friendly actions using the mobile application EarthProject App, which tracks the daily actions of students that have a positive impact on the climate. In particular, according to the results of the race, the team of students of the gymnasium № 6 "CAP – Vinnytsia Gymnasium # 6" entered the TOP 20.

Cartoon Network Climate Champions is an initiative to raise awareness of climate change, which aims to inspire children to take on daily challenges that can significantly change the health of our planet. It was developed in collaboration with WWF (World Wildlife Fund).

The Climate Action Project is a free global education project involving 2,700,000 educators, students from 146 countries and launched by Take Action Global, a non-profit educational organization based in the United States.


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