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Important information for international businesses

We will win – the address of the Mayor

Dear colleagues and partners!

Today, many companies are interested in new platforms for starting and expanding business. We offer to work in Vinnytsia.

For seven years in a row, our city has been recognized as the most comfortable for living in Ukraine, according to the Municipal Survey of the International Republican Institute (IRI). We strive to create the same favorable conditions for business development. That is why both global brands and domestic investors enter here.

We build relationships with investors on the basis of openness and transparency. We offer quality support at all stages of cooperation. After all, each implemented project is a new success story, mutually beneficial for both parties.

Our values are sustainability, innovation, responsibility. We are ready to provide opportunities for you to make a profit. Our industrial parks are waiting for you!

Invest in Vinnytsia!

We invite companies that want to help Ukraine, especially those leaving russia

Vinnytsia City Territorial Community has a number of advantages that will allow you to find partners and place your own business with comfort and security.

The community is located in Central Ukraine and has a convenient location. This provides an opportunity to connect with virtually all regional centers of Ukraine and neighboring countries.

Vinnytsia has a developed engineering and transport infrastructure, a network of road and rail (including high-speed) connections that connect the regional center with the capital and seaports of the Black and Azov Seas, as well as with all regions of Ukraine. Vinnytsia is located at the intersection of two European highways: E 50 and E 583.

The population of the territorial community after the affiliation is 392.7 thousand people, its area is 255.45 km2. It works closely with neighboring communities, with which it has convenient transport links.

Vinnytsia is full of youth (107 thousand people aged 14 to 35), which determines the significant human resources. There are six higher educational institutions in the city, which have the status of national and state. Concentration of students charges the city with energy and creates a powerful intellectual environment. In total, about 45,000 students receive education and training. A network of creative centers is developing.

We have the capacity and cooperate with international partners

Vinnytsia is a city where it is easy to do business, where a unique business climate has been created, which allows to attract investments and create new jobs. Vinnytsia team has the necessary qualifications and practical experience of quality support of investors from the origin of the idea to the successful launch of projects in the city and Ukraine. An example of this is the large number of successful companies with both foreign capital and national level, some of which originated and began their own expansion into world markets from our city. Among them: Agrana Fruit Ukraine LLC (Austria), Barlinek Invest LLC (Barlinek) (Poland), SPERCO Ukraine LLC (Spain), Electrical Systems State Enterprise (APTIV PLC) (USA), HEAD Group (Great Britain), ROSHEN Corporation (Ukraine), Green Cool LLC (UBC Group) (Ukraine), KNESS Group of Companies (Ukraine), Vinnytsia Food Factory PJSC (Ukraine) and others.

In total, there are more than 200 enterprises of the main circle in the industrial sector of the economy. The volume of sold industrial products, works and services in 2021 amounted to UAH 35.8 billion.

Our contacts

59, Soborna St., Vinnytsia, 21050, Ukraine +38 (0432) 59-50-46 dei@vmr.gov.ua investinvinnytsia@vmr.gov.ua

Andrii Ocheretnyi, Deputy Mayor

Maksym Martianov, Director of the Department of Economy and Investment

Olha Remeshevska, Deputy Director of the Department of Economy and Investment

We invite you to invest in Vinnytsia City Territorial Community!

There are 3 industrial parks on the territory of Vinnytsia City Territorial Community, which are included in the Register of Industrial Parks of Ukraine: Vinnytsia Industrial Park (35.7 ha), Vinnytsia Refrigeration Engineering Cluster Industrial Park (19.27 ha), Winter Sport Park (25 ha).

The history of industrial parks in Vinnytsia is a story of mutually beneficial partnership and dialogue that unites people who share a common goal. Vinnytsia City Council is a reliable partner for business and promotes the entry of large international companies in Ukraine.

In accordance with the commitments made, active work is being carried out to equip the necessary engineering and transport infrastructure of industrial parks (electricity supply – 5 MW, water supply – 600 m3 per hour, drainage – 400 m3 per hour, gas supply – 700 m3 per hour, work is underway on the construction of access roads).

Vinnytsia Industrial Park is the first industrial park in the community created in 2016 at the initiative of Vinnytsia City Council.

According to the results of the competition "Golden Land 2020" of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, the Vinnytsia Industrial Park site was recognized the winner in 2020.

Vinnytsia Refrigeration Engineering Cluster Industrial Park was established in 2018 at the initiative of Vinnytsia City Council and Ukrainian Beer Company PJSC, which is part of the UBC Group holding, the world leader in the production of refrigeration equipment.

In September 2018, the first stage of the refrigeration equipment plant of Green Cool LLC was officially opened on the territory of the industrial park and production began. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial refrigeration equipment in Eastern Europe and cooperates with such world-famous companies as Coca-Cola, Carlsberg, Heineken, Nestlé and others.

Winter Sport Industrial Park was established in 2019 at the initiative of HEAD Group, a corporation that produces sports equipment for winter sports, tennis and scuba diving. The company is a world leader in the market and supplies products to 85 countries.

On May 12, 2021 on the territory of the Winter Sport industrial park the construction started of the Head Vinnytsia company (HEAD Group) plant for the production of equipment for winter sports, namely: skis, ski boots, ski bindings, etc.

This plant will be one of the largest plants in the world and will employ more than 1,200 Vinnytsia residents.

The Innovation and Technology Park Krystal (ITP Krystal) deserves special attention. This is the first municipal innovation and technology park in Ukraine, which will be aimed at strengthening existing and creating new high-tech and creative industries in the city of Vinnytsia and Podillia region.

The Innovation and Technology Park Krystal is an example of renovating the production facilities of old enterprises and transforming them into growth points for the creative economy and small business.

In general, according to the ecosystem concept, ITP Krystal will have the following characteristics: • total area – 8 500 m2; • number of employees in offices – 500 persons; • types of premises by purpose: Center for Entrepreneurship Development, reception, lounge area, Fab Lab premises, IT premises, coworking rooms, meeting rooms, conference hall, cafe, food court. • the surrounding area near 4 370 m2; • car parking.

Enterprises we are interested in cooperation with

Given the vector defined by the Vinnytsia City Territorial Community Development Strategy until 2030, based on the key advantages of the region, the community is interested in cooperation with enterprises engaged in high value-added sectors of the economy, in particular:

  • Engineering
  • Food and processing industry
  • Light industry
  • Production of building materials and construction technologies
  • Logistics
  • IT