The interests of Vinnytsia City Territorial Community are represented by the Mayor, Vinnytsia City Council and its executive bodies.


The Mayor is the main official of Vinnytsia City Territorial Community.

The Mayor ensures the exercise of the powers of the executive authorities in the relevant territory, compliance with the Constitution and laws of Ukraine, the implementation of acts of the President of Ukraine and the relevant executive authorities.

Organizes the work of Vinnytsia City Council and its Executive Committee.

City Council

Vinnytsia City Council is a body of local self-government that represents Vinnytsia City Territorial Community and performs on its behalf and in its interests the functions and powers of local self-government defined by the Constitution of Ukraine, Law "On Local Self-Government in Ukraine" and other laws.

Vinnytsia City Council consists of the Mayor, Chairman of the City Council, deputies (54 people). 7 standing commissions of Vinnytsia City Council, elected from among the deputies of the council, work to study, preliminary consider and prepare issues, monitor the implementation of decisions of the City Council and its Executive Committee.

  • Executive Committee of the City Council

    Executive Committee of the City Council is the executive body formed by Vinnytsia City Council and is accountable to and under the control of Vinnytsia City Council, and is also under the control of the relevant executive bodies with regard to the exercise of its powers.

    The Executive Committee of the City Council is headed by the Mayor. The Executive Committee of Vinnytsia City Council includes the Chairman of the City Council, Deputy Mayors, Chief Executive Officer of the Executive Committee, heads of executive bodies of the City Council, starostas of affiliated communities, other persons (15 members in total).

  • Executive Bodies of the City Council

    Vinnytsia City Council, within the approved structures and staff, establishes departments, divisions and other executive bodies to exercise the powers within their competence.

    The executive bodies are accountable to and under the control of Vinnytsia City Council, its Executive Committee, and the Mayor.

    Currently, there are 33 executive bodies of Vinnytsia City Council.

  • Twin Cities

    Twin cities are cities located in different countries, between which there are permanent friendly ties for mutual acquaintance with life, history and culture, in order to achieve better mutual understanding, strengthen cooperation and friendship between peoples of different countries, as well as exchange experience in solving similar problems facing city authorities and organizations.

    Twin cities cooperation consists in the exchange of delegations, business and educational opportunities, artistic projects and sports competitions, various projects to study and understand historical, cultural, life similarities and differences, exchange information about urban life and urban management.

  • Historical Information about Vinnytsia and Affiliated Communities

    The city of Vinnytsia and its territorial community have a glorious centuries-old history. Remains of ancient settlements indicate that its territory has been inhabited since ancient times. According to the existing historiographical tradition, the city is founded in 1363, when after the victory in the Battle of the Blue Waters (1362) Grand Duke Olgerd of Lithuania, liberating Podillia from the Golden Horde, created the Podillia principality under the rule of Koriatovych princes and ordered to fortify the place. In 1393 the separate Podillia principality was liquidated, and the first Vinnytsia headman was appointed in the city. At the same time, a bourgeois community was formed, the existence of which was legally recognized in the middle of the 15th century. Vinnytsia had the right to own city land, auctions and fairs, trade and industrial establishments and other self-governing rights. From the beginning of the 16th century, the burghers regularly elected viits to govern the city.